Welcome at homepage of kennel Aethwy.

Aethwy team on National Championship 2013

We hope you will enjoy of seeing our corgies !

Kennel Aethwy does exist from 1996, when the first welsh corgi pembroke has come to kennel from Great Britain. It was Bredwardine Aethwy.

First litter of welsh corgi pembrokes under prefix Aethwy was born in 2001.

First litter of welsh corgi cardigans was born in 2004. It was first cardigan corgi litter in Russia.

Kennel «Aethwy» (FCI- RKF registered) is a member of: Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association (CWCA), Great Britain, The Welsh Corgi Club (WCC), Great Britain.

We are – Andrey Khvatov and Natalia Mayorova, the human part of kennel «Aethwy».

Our favourite dogs are welsh corgi cardigan and welsh corgi pembroke. We have cardigans and pembrokes, imported from Denmark, Norway, USA, Italy, Great Britain and dogs of our breeding. We also cooperate with breeders from many countries all over the world.

All this allows us to keep our dogs in good shape. Our dogs are breathing by fine air. They have a lot of walking, while receiving a good load. Part of the dogs in our lives in the house and another part in a specially built for them indoors with central heating, water and other amenities. Kennel, except for dogs rooms, equipped kitchen, maternity ward and two rooms for lactating females with pups. On the site there is also a large paddock for the dogs. in which they may be out of home for a long time. Dogs in kennel walk at least three hours every day. Because of this our dogs, being in a healthy environment, give birth to pups with excellent immunity.

We are trying to give to our dogs all the best.